descriptionA bash script for encoding podcasts and setting metadata/tags
last changeMon, 17 Dec 2012 20:33:13
6 years ago Tidying up image encoding code, tabs etc.
6 years ago UUID patch from Alan Pope (tidied up my Tony Whitmore)
8 years ago Tidying up non-seasonal patch
8 years ago Patch from Dave "thelovebug" Lee
8 years ago Bug whcih omitted episode prefix if not set in ini file.
9 years ago Adding experimental lyric support for MP3s
9 years ago Moving to base64 instead of base64tool, needed for jaunt ...
9 years ago Changing cover art on MP3 files from "OTHER" to "FRONT_C ...
9 years ago Fixing bug where an episode prefix is forced
9 years ago Re-arranging variable order in the .ini file
9 years ago Altering way season prefix and episode prefix works
9 years ago Adding MP3 comments and some script comments
9 years ago Adding contributors section
9 years ago Using bash conditional rather than string evaluation
9 years ago Adding season patch from Alan Pope